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+slightly corporate
+bittersweet romantic
+solo traveler
+walking contradiction
+passionately indifferent
+curious epicurean
+gracelessly poetic
+closet revolutionary
+hates windy snow
+procrastinating dreamer
+lovely wallflower
+hot chocolate on a rainy day
+dons rose-colored lenses
+absent-minded on cloud 9
+enough said

Whenever I listen to my iPod, I see the world as one big music video. Everyone seems to have an "opening theme" music.

The way to my heart is through my stomach. Feed me and you have my undying love. I'm a sucker for good food, good wine, and good company.

I think idealism is under-appreciated. It is because of dreamers that we have such awe-inspiring human feats accomplished throughout the world. Call me a dreamer; I never want to wake up.


taking long naps, reading engrossing novels, writing for my muse, driving down lake shore drive, watching the beautiful game of football, cheering on manchester united, unwind with comedy central, cooking for friends, curling up with a bar of chocolate, lazing beneath the warm sun, tearing up over asian dramas, puffing up hookah, laughing till it hurts, daydreaming about nothing, tasting wine, traveling around the world, walking in the rain